[lustre-discuss] Per-client I/O Operation Counters

Russell Dekema dekemar at umich.edu
Thu Jun 1 16:34:59 PDT 2017


Is there a way, either on the Lustre clients or (preferably) OSSes, to
determine how many I/O operations each Lustre client is performing
against the filesystem?

I know several ways of finding the number of *bytes* read or written
by a client (or even on a per-job basis with job_stats), but we
suspect we have some clients overwhelming our filesystem with large
numbers of small I/O requests, and I don't know how to find per-client
(or per-job) I/O operation counters.

This is a Lustre 2.5 system.

Rusty Dekema
University of Michigan
Advanced Research Computing - Technical Services

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