[lustre-discuss] Lustre/ZFS space accounting

Hans Henrik Happe happe at nbi.ku.dk
Thu Jun 8 01:11:45 PDT 2017


We are on Lustre 2.8 with ZFS.

Our users have seen some unexplainable errors:

062: forrtl: Input/output error


062: forrtl: severe (28): CLOSE error, unit 10, file “Unknown"

From attached 'lfs df -h' you can see that the OSTs are unbalanced and
OST0001 but far from being full. We are using default allocation setting
so we should be in weighted mode.

I've tried to find an LU matching this but no luck. Also, log on
affected nodes and on servers are empty.

Any suggestions about how to debug this?

Hans Henrik
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UUID                       bytes        Used   Available Use% Mounted on
astro-MDT0000_UUID        691.6G      163.0G      528.6G  24% /lustre/astro[MDT:0]
astro-OST0000_UUID        157.2T      105.0T       52.3T  67% /lustre/astro[OST:0]
astro-OST0001_UUID        158.5T      149.2T        9.3T  94% /lustre/astro[OST:1]
astro-OST0002_UUID        158.6T      144.8T       13.9T  91% /lustre/astro[OST:2]
astro-OST0003_UUID        157.3T      105.4T       51.9T  67% /lustre/astro[OST:3]

filesystem summary:       631.6T      504.3T      127.3T  80% /lustre/astro
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