[lustre-discuss] RobinHood fail on Lustre IEEL v2.5

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Thu Jun 8 08:20:26 PDT 2017

> 2017/06/08 16:19:38 [15616/21] FS_Scan | openat failed on 
> 23/pci-0000:00:1a.0-usb-0:1.6.1:1.2-event-mouse: Too many levels of symbolic 
> links

RBH has strayed into /sys, which is loaded with traps like this...

> Currently the filesystem is in production. Can this the main reason why it 
> crashes.

no, I think RBH is being told to scan from / (perhaps by default)
rather than being directed to the Lustre mount point.

regards, mark hahn.

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