[lustre-discuss] Backup of Lustre Tuning Parameters

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FYI, https://jira.hpdd.intel.com/browse/LU-4939 is tracking usability improvements to query and save/restore the filesystem configuration.  There is a patch contributed late last year and we (Cray) intend to finish this work out.  The Lustre Operations Manual will need an update with some best practices for use.



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    > what is considered best practice for backing up (or config management) of Lustre client/server tuning parameters?
    Since Lustre 2.6 the command "lctl --device %MGS llog_print '$<fsname>-client'" run on the MGS will print out the client configuration llog in YAML format so that it is easier to parse.  The MDT logs can be similarly dumped by specifying '$<fsname>-MDT0000'.
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