[lustre-discuss] IOR input for pathologic file system abuse

Ben Evans bevans at cray.com
Tue Jun 13 07:41:22 PDT 2017

Not with dd or IOR, but one of the worst I've seen has been using named
pipes for inter-process communication.  That and doing 4 and 8 byte I/O's
using O_DIRECT.


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>The worst case would probably involve reading/writing the same file
>extents across multiple nodes.  You could probably whip up a script using
>/bin/dd for such a thing.  Or is that too evil for you?
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>    Hi all,
>    I am looking for IOR scripts that represent pathological use cases
>for file systems. Something like shared file access with a small,
>unaligned block size or random I/O to a shared file. Does anyone has some
>input for me there that he/she is willing to share?
>    Regards, Michael
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