[lustre-discuss] lctl dl output fields

Deepak Khosla dkhosla at x-iss.com
Sat Jun 17 10:41:27 PDT 2017

Thanks Andreas.
Will try both options. Ideally trying to get all info from the backend side but it may not be possible. Some info (e.g. space, quotas etc.) are only available via 'lfs' looks like so a client has to be involved.  I guess with multiple filesystems, I just need to have one client that has them all always accessible.
Thanks again for the info.


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I don't think there is anything that explicitly documents the fields. I don't have a system handy, but from memory the fields are:
- device number
- state of the connection
- device type
- device name
- device UUID
- refcount

That said, you are probably better off to use "lfs df" or "lfs osts" and "lfs mdts" to list the devices connected to a client.

Cheers, Andreas

On Jun 15, 2017, at 08:32, Deepak Khosla <dkhosla at x-iss.com<mailto:dkhosla at x-iss.com>> wrote:
Is there any documentation on what the fields in the 'lctl dl' output mean? I have seen examples in the admin manual of its output but would like to understand what is/could be in the various fields and what that indicates.

(As a background, I am trying to find out what 'exists' in a Lustre cluster and their relationships and this seems like a good place to start. E.g. find filesystems, OSSs, their specific OSTs etc. in a cluster from a single location)


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