[lustre-discuss] tgt_grant_check issues in logs

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 08:38:34 PDT 2017


I have seen (pretty consistently) on one of my OSTs entries like:

/*[28242.297887] LustreError: 
10346:0:(tgt_grant.c:733:tgt_grant_check()) lustre-OST0000: cli 
bafa5b19-f11b-9bfc-c44b-60ea94d9382d claims 4292608 GRANT, real grant 0*//*
*//*[28242.297896] LustreError: 
10346:0:(tgt_grant.c:733:tgt_grant_check()) Skipped 221 previous similar 

I see it mentioned in LU-9704, but see nothing about a cause, concern or 
Has anyone else seen this? Is it a concern?

This is on a fresh install on a simple 2 OST system doing nothing but a 
dd test or ost-survey from a client.

Brian Andrus
Firstspot, Inc.

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