[lustre-discuss] Chunk of file -> LNET node

François Tessier ftessier at anl.gov
Thu Mar 2 11:31:10 PST 2017


Correct me if I'm wrong: when a file is created on a Lustre fs, a set of
OSTs (depending on the stripe count) is assigned. It means that the
chunks of file (of size stripe_size) will be distributed among these
OSTs. To each OST corresponds a set of LNET nodes. From an application
point of view, when the file is effectively written, the chunks are sent
to the OST(s) through the corresponding set of LNET nodes.

My questions are:

- How to know (if possible using the Lustre API), for each chunk, what
is the corresponding LNET node?

- Is this distribution decided at file creation? In other words, is this
distribution based only on offsets in file?



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