[lustre-discuss] using an lnet router for certain connections... but not for others

Jessica Otey jotey at nrao.edu
Tue Mar 14 14:46:33 PDT 2017

We have three lustre systems, two "production" and one "recovery" 
system, which is in essence a (partial) backup of ONE of the production 

The main difference between the two production systems is that one uses 
IB and one uses 10G ethernet among the OSSes.

I am in the process of moving my robinhood instance from one box to 
another. The previous box was a normal "production" client, meaning it 
accessed both clients via our lnet routers (which are identical, and are 
used by both production lustre file systems).

The new box is a "data mover" for the backup lustre file system, which 
was configured WITHOUT an lnet router. Because this box has IB, I am 
able to connect directly to production lustre file system that also has 
IB. The thing is, I would also like to keep using robinhood for the 
other file system, the one using 10gig ethernet.

Is there a way to specify in the lustre.conf configuration a set up 
whereby the lnet routers could be used to access only the production 
file systems but not the backup file system?

Any leads appreciated.



Jessica Otey
System Administrator II
North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
Charlottesville, Virginia (USA)

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