[lustre-discuss] lfs_migrate

E.S. Rosenberg esr+lustre at mail.hebrew.edu
Mon Mar 20 09:43:06 PDT 2017

In the man page it says the following:

Because  lfs_migrate  is  not yet closely integrated with the MDS, it
cannot determine whether a file is currently open and/or in-use by other
applications or nodes.  That makes it UNSAFE for use on files that might be
modified by other applications, since the migrated file is only a copy of
the current file, and this will result in the old file becoming an
open-unlinked file and any  modifications to that file will be lost.

Is this still the case?
Is there a better way to disable OSTs while keeping the filesystem live?

We need to take a OSS enclosure that hosts multiple OSTs offline for
hardware maintenance, I'd like to do this without bringing Lustre as a
whole down. I made sure there is enough space on the other OSTs to house
the contents of the machine going offline and am now about to move things.

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