[lustre-discuss] Docker on Lustre

Caldwell, Blake A. blakec at ornl.gov
Fri Mar 24 12:30:55 PDT 2017

I wanted to quickly share some open source work that might have use to others on this list. It's a docker graphdriver designed for shared storage. The intended use case was for parallel filesystems, but it would also work on NFS, and even local filesystems, if that would be useful. I presented on the idea at last year's LUG.

(note the branch is 29080-loop-overlay2-graphdriver, not master)

Some things to note:
1. This is source-code only and a custom docker build will need to be created.
2. The proposed graphdriver was not merged into into docker master. See note below.
3. Consider this code a proof of concept with beta quality. There are no guarantees of data integrity
4. It requires a couple of configuration options passed to the docker daemon. See the readme in:

There was a docker pull request, but it was suggested that the code for the graphdriver be re-factored into a docker plug-in.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make these changes or maintain this code, as personal reasons have pulled me in a different direction. However, I hope this is of use to someone out there.


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