[lustre-discuss] upgrading from 2.5.2 to 2.9

Anjana Kar kar at psc.edu
Wed Mar 29 06:23:54 PDT 2017


Has anyone upgraded lustre servers from 2.5.x to 2.9?

Our setup is one MDS (ldiskfs) hosting two MDTs, and one OSS (zfs OSTs)

running version 2.5.2 on Centos 6.x for two lustre filesystems, ~350TB.

Recently writes from a 2.9 client has been crashing the MDS, which prompted

us to look into the upgrade path. Is this upgrade feasible, and if so, 
is there

documentation we can follow for backing up the MDS, and doing the upgrade.

Thanks in advance,

-Anjana Kar

  Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

  kar at psc.edu

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