[lustre-discuss] client complains about server version

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Sat May 6 20:09:09 PDT 2017

Yes, I believe so.  Andreas or someone else from Intel may be able to confirm the most recent client that got interoperability testing with the 2.4 server from Intel.  It may have been only 2.5, 2.4 was not a maintenance release.  (2.5 was, and so got testing with at least 2.7 clients, maybe 2.8 as well?)

- Patrick

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thanks for the hints.
Is Lustre 2.8.0 client vs server 2.4.1 untested as well ?

On 5/6/17 7:36 PM, Patrick Farrell wrote:


You may be unable to free space on the OSTs when deleting files.  I can't remember if 2.4 has the required support for delete-from-MDS (not the real feature name, sorry).  I think it does, but I'm not sure.  It's easy to check - just delete a large file and see if the space shows up as free.

Other than that, your main concern is that no one has tested this or fixed any bugs that came up. I'm not aware of anything that should be broken, again except possibly for that thing with delete I mentioned, and obviously, lots of client features will not work. But they should be disabled automatically because the server doesn't support them.

So you might be OK, but there's a very real chance those clients may crash the servers or the other way around, as the combination is not supported and has not been tested.

I strongly suggest you upgrade your servers!  There are lots of handy new features, and you would avoid this problem entirely.

- Patrick
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I moved many of my lustre clients to 2.9.0. Anyway the server version is
pretty old (2.4)

Do I have to worry ?

Things seems working though

May  4 14:37:48 psana1620 kernel: [   43.145108] Lustre: Server MGS
version ( is much older than client. Consider upgrading server

thank you


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