[lustre-discuss] Robinhood exhausting RPC resources against 2.5.5 lustre file systems

Jessica Otey jotey at nrao.edu
Wed May 17 13:52:14 PDT 2017

Update #1. Robinhood change log consumption is also producing the same 
effect against a native 2.x file system instance. So the 'legacy' aspect 
of our two production instances does not seem to be a factor...

Update #2. Currently running, per Colin Faber's suggestion: find 
/mnt/lustre -exec lfs path2fid {} \;

This does not (so far) provoke a disconnection.


On 5/17/17 2:04 PM, Jessica Otey wrote:
> We also have a third Lustre file system that originated as 2.4.3, and 
> has since been upgraded to 2.5.5, against which Robinhood is currently 
> operating as expected. This leads me to suppose that the issue may 
> have to do the interaction between Robinhood and a 
> legacy-1.8.x-now-lustre-2.5.5 system. But I don't know.

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