[lustre-discuss] Does lustre 2.10 client support 2.5 server ?

Carlson, Timothy S Timothy.Carlson at pnnl.gov
Tue Nov 7 07:36:50 PST 2017

FWIW, we have successfully been running 2.9 clients (RHEL 7.3) with 2.5.3 servers (RHEL 6.6) at a small scale. About 40 OSSes and dozens of 2.9 clients with hundreds of 2.5.3 clients mixed in.


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Hi Biju,
The 2.10 client is multi-rail aware while the 2.5 server is not there have been multiple reports on the list and several open bugs that this combination doesn't work.
A 2.9 client may work but in general it is my understanding that compatibility is only check 1 version back (so 2.9-2.8 etc.).

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My Lustre server is running the version 2.5 and I want to use 2.10 client. Is this combination supported ? Is there anything that I need to be aware of ?

Biju C P

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