[lustre-discuss] error while configuring lnet

Mannthey, Keith keith.mannthey at intel.com
Fri Nov 10 09:20:51 PST 2017

What are you trying to accomplish?

>From below: at tcp<mailto: at tcp> is on 0 at lo not eno1 and in general you should not need the "-if" option to delete a fabric.

Try: # lnetctl net del --net tcp

Can you do a normal ping over ib0?

"dmesg" can sometime provide greater details about errors like this.


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I am trying to add lnet but getting below error.
[root at mds2 ~]# lnetctl net show
    - net type: lo
      local NI(s):
        - nid: 0 at lo
          status: up
    - net type: tcp
      local NI(s):
        - nid: at tcp<mailto: at tcp>
          status: up
[root at mds2 ~]# lnetctl net add --net o2ib --if ib0
    - net:
          errno: -22
          descr: "cannot add network: Invalid argument"
[root at mds2 ~]# lnetctl net del --net tcp --if eno1
    - net:
          errno: -22
          descr: "cannot del network: Invalid argument"
[root at mds2 ~]# lctl list_nids at tcp<mailto: at tcp>
[root at mds2 ~]#


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