[lustre-discuss] quota: space accounting isn't functional

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Fri Nov 17 06:51:02 PST 2017

Hi all,

I have this test system where the OSS are CentOS 7.4, ZFS 0.7.1, the MDS uses ldiskfs. Lustre version 
= 2.10

When I check the quota of some user - "lfs quota -u troth /lustre/hebetest" - I'm told by the client 
that the data may be inaccurate, log entry is
 > LustreError: 10006:0:(osc_quota.c:291:osc_quotactl()) ptlrpc_queue_wait failed, rc: -2
  while the OSS says
 > can't enable quota enforcement since space accounting isn't functional. Please run tunefs.lustre 
--quota ...

osd-*.*.quota_slave.info reads

target name:    hebetest-OST000..
pool ID:        0
type:           dt
quota enabled:  none
conn to master: setup
space acct:     ug
user uptodate:  glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]
group uptodate: glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]
project uptodate: glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]

I have switched on quota enforcement in the meantime, so it is
quota enabled:  ug
by now. As expected, no impact.

But, "Space accounting" -  should just be there, once I have a ZFS backend?

rc: -2  = /* No such file or directory */   - which file is missing?
Did I manage to delete a quota file on the OSTs? How did I do that?

The "isn't functional" error message shows up in LU-9790, but that is about project quota.


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