[lustre-discuss] Failure migrating OSTs in KVM lustre 2.7.0 testbed

Scott Wood woodystrash at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 15:38:00 PST 2017

Heh.  Fair question, and yes.  You had to rule it out though.  fakemds1 and fakemds2 have /mnt/MGT and /mnt/MDT.  fakeoss1 and fakeoss2 have /mnt/OST{0..3}.  fakeoss3 and fakeoss4 have /mnt/OST{3..7}.  Also to clarify, every command in my previous email that has " at " was actually the at symbol.



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I know it may be obvious, but did you 'mkdir /mnt/OST7'?

Brian Andrus

On 11/29/2017 3:09 PM, Scott Wood wrote:
> [root at fakeoss4 ~]# mount /mnt/OST7
> mount.lustre: increased /sys/block/vde/queue/max_sectors_kb from 1024
> to 2147483647
> mount.lustre: mount /dev/vde at /mnt/OST7 failed: No such file or
> directory

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