[lustre-discuss] Failure migrating OSTs in KVM lustre 2.7.0 testbed

Scott Wood woodystrash at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 16:05:13 PST 2017

Once I've had one fail a migration between hosts, it stays failed.  I've waited a bit and tried again, and it fails to mount with the same errors (or messages).  I am then only able to remount it on the host that originally had it mounted.  Once that has been done, it's happy and, the next time I try to migrate it, it may or may not work.  Of course in an attempt to recreate and test, just now, all 8 OSTs are happily unmounting from their primary hosts and remounting on their secondary hosts, within  a second or two.  I'll keep testing and hope to be able to recreate it and get a handle on the timing.  Again, thanks for the troubleshooting

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