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Mannthey, Keith keith.mannthey at intel.com
Fri Sep 8 09:31:04 PDT 2017

You might check that you have the MGS as the first nid listed on the mount ha command.  Some slow mounts are due to the mount trying the MDT first and going through a timeout before mount. 


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i just installed 2.10.0-1 on top of rhel 7.4.  i started using all the new systemd and lnetctl stuff and abandoned some of my custom scripts.
however, now when i try to mount lustre, it takes a real long time.  i believe it will eventually mount, but the log is showing

request sent has timeout for slow reply:

the storage is a sonexion unit with lnet routers in between.  i believe i setup the lnet nid and lnet routes correctly, but i'm having trouble determining why/where the mount is actually going so slow or failing

i can ping everything and lctl ping everything so the network is "up"
as far as i can tell
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