[lustre-discuss] Point release updates

Andrew Elwell andrew.elwell at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 21:11:40 PDT 2017

Hi Folks,

We currently have a couple of storage systems based on IEEEL 3.0:

[root at pgfs-oss1 ~]# cat /proc/fs/lustre/version
kernel: patchless_client
build:  jenkins-arch=x86_64,build_type=client,distro=el7,ib_stack=inkernel-15--PRISTINE-3.10.0-327.36.1.el7_lustre.x86_64
[root at pgfs-oss1 ~]#

[root at astrofs-oss1 ~]# cat /proc/fs/lustre/version
kernel: patchless_client
build:  jenkins-arch=x86_64,build_type=server,distro=el7,ib_stack=inkernel-165--PRISTINE-3.10.0-514.2.2.el7_lustre.x86_64
[root at astrofs-oss1 ~]#

and we'd like to update these -- preferred choice will be to 2.10.1
once it's out, but happy to go for an intermediate 2.7 release.
(mainly because we're seeing lots of these in the logs:
astrofs-MDT0001-osd: FID [whatever] != self_fid [whatever] - which
seem to be https://jira.hpdd.intel.com/browse/LU-8532 / LU-8319 which
apparently has a backport to 2.7).

However - where do we get "blessed" point release updates from?
https://downloads.hpdd.intel.com/public/lustre/ doesn't seem to have

Many thanks


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