[lustre-discuss] Multiple Lustre filesystem

Ravi Konila ravibhatk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 05:54:21 PDT 2017


I have few queries about Lustre File system as I am building new Lustre File system for our production use. 

1. Can I create more than one Lustre file system for example, one Lustre file system for /home and other for /scratch ?
2. As of now I have created 6 OSTs (total of 128TB storage) under shared storage which uses two OSSs, how do I allocate that to different Lustre file system if I can create multiple file system?
3. With single MDT can I have multiple Lustre file system?
4. Is it better to create multiple MDTs or single MDT would do? (again I am using single shared storage with 2 MDS/MGS)?

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Ravi Konila
Sr. Technical Consultant
MSIL, India
Ph: +91 9901072688
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