[lustre-discuss] Robinhood v3.1 released!

LEIBOVICI Thomas thomas.leibovici at cea.fr
Tue Sep 26 05:41:29 PDT 2017

Robinhood 3.1 is now available!

It can be downloaded from here:


Main changes in robinhood 3.1

* Ingest rate optimizations: up to x10

* New plugin type: action schedulers
   These plugins make it possible to reorder policy actions, or smooth 
policy execution.
   In this release, two of such plugins are provided: 
`common.max_per_run` and

* Policy optimizations:
     - Improved pre-filtering: convert all policy rules to SQL for better
     - Configurable attribute matching before/after scheduling
       (pre/post_sched_match parameters).

* FS scan: make it possible to restrict scan to several directories
   ('scan_only' configuration parameter).
     - Especially useful with Lustre's static DNE partitioning.

* Pre/post policy run commands

* Modeguard status manager
     - Enforce or clear permission bits on entries of the filesystem

* Fixes for Lustre 2.10
     - Note: this robinhood version does not support Progressive File 
Layouts yet

* REST API and web interface enhancements:
     - Plugin mechanism to add custom charts/fields/requests...
     - Finer access control (limit user views only to their stats)
     - All robinhood DB available through the REST API

Robinhood v3 documentation is available online (admin guide & tutorials):


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