[lustre-discuss] Lustre 2.10.4 failover

David Cohen cdavid at physics.technion.ac.il
Mon Aug 13 04:14:07 PDT 2018

I installed a new 2.10.4 Lustre file system.
Running MDS and OSS on the same servers.
Failover wasn't configured at format time.
I'm trying to configure failover node with tunefs without success.
tunefs.lustre --writeconf --erase-params --param="ost.quota_type=ug"
--mgsnode=oss03 at tcp --mgsnode=oss01 at tcp --servicenode=oss01 at tcp
--servicenode=oss03 at tcp /dev/mapper/OST0015

I can mount the ost on the second server but the clients won't restore the
Maybe I'm missing something obvious. Do you see any typo in the command?

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