[lustre-discuss] Lustre client 2.10.4 fails to mount over OPA fabric after kernel update to 3.10.0-862.11.6.el7

Anthony Brookfield a.brookfield at sheffield.ac.uk
Fri Aug 17 02:46:03 PDT 2018

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the link - good to know it's not just us.




Dr Anthony Brookfield
Research Computing Infrastructure Specialist
CiCS, University of Sheffield.

On 17/08/2018 10:32, Robin Humble wrote:
> Hi Anthony,
> On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 09:58:23AM +0100, Anthony Brookfield wrote:
>> Is anyone else having problems with clients running the latest
>> 3.10.0-862.11.6.el7 kernel unable to mount lustre over OPA?  We've
> yeah, don't do it. RHEL (or maybe intel) broke RDMA.
> it's nothing to do with Lustre, but there is some discussion of it here
> https://jira.whamcloud.com/browse/LU-11257
> cheers,
> robin

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