[lustre-discuss] separate SSD only filesystem including HDD

Zeeshan Ali Shah javaclinic at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 23:30:03 PDT 2018

Dear All, I recently deployed 10PB+ Lustre solution which is working fine.
Recently for  genomic pipeline we acquired another racks with dedicated
compute nodes with single 24-NVME SSD Servers/Rack .  Each SSD server
connected to Compute Node via 100 G Omnipath.

Issue 1:  is that when I combined SSDs in stripe mode using zfs we  are not
linearly scaling in terms of performance . for e..g single SSD write speed
is 1.3GB/sec , adding 5 of those in stripe mode should give us atleast
1.3x5 or less , but we still get 1.3 GB out of those 5 SSD .

Issue 2: if we resolve issue #1, 2nd challenge is to allow 24 NVMEs to
compute nodes distributed and parallel wise , NFS not an option .. tried
glusterfs but due to its DHT it is slow..

I am thinking to add another Filesystem to our existing MDT and install
OSTs/OSS over the NVME server.. mounting this specific ssd where needed. so
basically we will end up having two filesystem (one with normal 10PB+ and
2nd with SSD)..

Does this sounds correct ?

any other advice please ..

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