[lustre-discuss] Cannot add new OST after upgrade from 2.5.3 to 2.10.6

wanglu wanglu at ihep.ac.cn
Thu Dec 27 18:45:02 PST 2018


For hardware compatibiility reason, we just upgraded a 2.5.3 instance to 2.10.6.  After that, when we tried to mount a new formated OST on 2.10.6, we got  failures on OSS. Here is the symptom:
1. The ost mount operation will stuck for about 10 mins, and then we got “Is the MGS running?...” on terminal 
2. In syslog, we found
 LustreError: 166-1: MGC192.168.50.63 at tcp: Connection to MGS (at at tcp) was lost; in progress operations using this service will fail 
   LustreError: 105461:0:(ldlm_request.c:148:ldlm_expired_completion_wait()) ### lock timed out (enqueued at 1545962328, 300s ago), entering recovery for MGS at MGC192.168.50.63@tcp_0 ns: MGC192.168.50.63 at tcp lock: ffff9ae9283b8200/0xa4c148c2f2e256b9 lrc: 4/1,0 mode: -/CR res: [0x73666361:0x0:0x0].0x0 rrc: 3 type: PLN flags: 0x1000000000000 nid: local remote: 0x38d3cf901311c189 expref: -99 pid: 105461 timeout: 0 lvb_type: 0
3. During the stuck, we can see  ll_OST_XX and lazyldiskfsinit running on the new OSS, but the obdfilter directory can not be found under /proc/fs/lustre
4. On MDS+MGS node, we got  
   " 166-1: MGC192.168.50.63 at tcp: Connection to MGS (at 0 at lo) was lost; in progress operations using this service will fail" on MGS
5. After that , other new clients cannot mount the system.  
6. It seemed the OST mount operation had caused problems on MGS, so we umounted the MDT and run e2fsck, and remount it.  
7. After that,client mount  is possible, and we got deactivate ost on "lfs df".
8. When we tried to mount the new OSS, the symptom repeat again...

Any one has a hint on this problem?


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