[lustre-discuss] ltop for lustre 2.10.2 ?

Alexander I Kulyavtsev aik at fnal.gov
Thu Feb 1 09:10:20 PST 2018

Is there version of ltop working with lustre 2.10.2 ?

lmtmetric does not work on mds; it is OK checking ost on oss.

# lmtmetric -m mdt
lmtmetric: error reading lustre MDS uuid from proc: Invalid argument
lmtmetric: mdt metric: Invalid argument

I suspect it is due to lmtmetric constantly reading  /proc/fs/lustre/version and it is now in /sys/...

> [lustre-discuss] missing lustre version in /proc/fs/lustre/version
> Dilger, Andreas 
> Tue Jun 20 15:34:57 PDT 2017
> ... skip ...
> We've had to move a lot of Lustre parameters out of /proc/fs/lustre and into /sys/fs/lustre
> for most parameter values, or /sys/kernel/debug/lustre (via debugfs) for large statistics
> due to rules imposed by the upstream kernel developers.
> ...

I'm trying to get ltop working on SLF 7.4 with lustre 2.10.2. No need for lmt & DB.


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