[lustre-discuss] ltop for lustre 2.10.2 ?

Alexander I Kulyavtsev aik at fnal.gov
Fri Feb 2 13:31:01 PST 2018

Great, thanks!

Meanwhile the attached patch makes lmt mostly work for me for now with LOCKS, LGR, LCR missing.
fs/lustre/ldlm/namespaces now in /sys too.

Part of the issue is that _packed_lustre_version() error return = -1 is not processed in calling functions but is interpreted as packed lustre version ( the version earlier than ).
This causes paths in /proc to be defined like for lustre 1.8.x and this definitely does not work for recent lustre.
Just setting default lustre verstion to 2.10.0 (you can set to 99.999.0.0) makes ltop to work.
I guess lustre versions 1.8 and 2.0 can be dropped because if someone needs these he can take the older distro of ltop.

The other issue:
lmtmetric succesfully opens "/proc/fs/lustre/version" nine times per run (every time per other two open()) as I can see on my older 2.5.3 system;
# strace -e open lmtmetric -m mdt 2>&1 | fgrep ' = 3'
18 calls total to open("/proc/fs/lustre/version", ...) out of 35 calls to open("/proc/fs/lustre/...)
Lustre version can be cached.
"/proc/fs/lustre/osd-zfs" is opened four times.

Best regards, Alex.

> On Feb 1, 2018, at 1:37 PM, Di Natale, Giuseppe <dinatale2 at llnl.gov> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> We are aware of the problem. I'm going to try and develop a patch to handle the move to /sys/ in the next week or so.
> Giuseppe
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> Subject: [lustre-discuss] ltop for lustre 2.10.2 ?
> Is there version of ltop working with lustre 2.10.2 ?
> lmtmetric does not work on mds; it is OK checking ost on oss.
> # lmtmetric -m mdt
> lmtmetric: error reading lustre MDS uuid from proc: Invalid argument
> lmtmetric: mdt metric: Invalid argument
> I suspect it is due to lmtmetric constantly reading  /proc/fs/lustre/version and it is now in /sys/...
> > [lustre-discuss] missing lustre version in /proc/fs/lustre/version
> >
> > Dilger, Andreas
> > Tue Jun 20 15:34:57 PDT 2017
> > ... skip ...
> > We've had to move a lot of Lustre parameters out of /proc/fs/lustre and into /sys/fs/lustre
> > for most parameter values, or /sys/kernel/debug/lustre (via debugfs) for large statistics
> > due to rules imposed by the upstream kernel developers.
> > ...
> I'm trying to get ltop working on SLF 7.4 with lustre 2.10.2. No need for lmt & DB.
> Alex.
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