[lustre-discuss] how to get statistics from lustre clients ?

Ben Evans bevans at cray.com
Tue Jan 2 05:45:51 PST 2018

You can get breakdowns of client->OST reads and writes, and combine them into OSS-level info.

There is currently no timestamp on it, all the stats files are cumulative since you last cleared.  You can get around this by reading the file regularly and noting the time, and doing the diffs since the last read.

There are a few programs out there that do this sort of thing for you already, collectl and collectd come to mind.

-Ben Evans

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Subject: [lustre-discuss] how to get statistics from lustre clients ?

May be anybody know it or get the target where I can search

I want to get from each lustre client:

  *   how much lustre client read/write ?

  *   which size blocks ?

  *   with which OSS communicate ?

  *   timestemp of operation ( I mean time then start read/write from lustre client) ?

Is I can get that from (or by) linux node with lustre client?
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