[lustre-discuss] Building on Centos 7.4

Neale Petrillo (Contractor) neale.petrillo at unnpp.gov
Wed Jan 3 11:21:58 PST 2018

Hi List!

I'm running into a bunch of trouble building Lustre 2.10.2 on CentOS
7.4.1708 (3.10.0-693) and I'm hoping that someone here can help. Building
SPL, ZFS, and Lustre all complete without errors and I'm left with a bunch
of RPMs that appear to be complete. However, when I go to install Lustre
yum reports this, and many similar, errors:

Requires: ksym(zap_cursor_retrieve) =0x3f9d6ed5

I gather this has something to do with not being able to find the correct
symbols for ZFS but I'm not sure where I'm failing. My build an
installation procedure follows. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

First, I built and installed SPL and ZFS by downloading the 0.7.3 release
tarballs and performing the following:

cd ./spl-0.7.3
make pkg-utils pkg-kmod
yum localinstall ./*.rpm

cd ../zfs-0.7.3
make pkg-utils pkg-kmod
yum localinstall ./*.rpm

Next, I build and try to install Lustre:

cd ../lustre-release-f3f2a2f
bash ./autogen.sh
./configure --with-o2ib=yes --enable-server
make rpms
yum localinstall ./*.rpm

The configure script and make both report no errors and the zfs and spl
modules appear to be loaded. Any thoughts?

Neale Petrillo
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