[lustre-discuss] MDT test in rel2.11

Abe Asraoui AbeA at supermicro.com
Tue Jul 17 21:02:21 PDT 2018

Hi Patrick,

I’m more interested in what improvements have been in comparaison to rel2.10,
We have seen some performance degradation in rel2.10 with zfs and wondering if this is still the case in rel2.11 with the
Inclusion of DOM feature etc..


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Subject: Re: MDT test in rel2.11


Any benchmarking would be highly dependent on hardware, both client and server.  Is there a particular comparison (say, between versions) you’re interested in or something you’re concerned about?

- Patrick
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Subject: [lustre-devel] MDT test in rel2.11

Hi All,

Has anyone done any MDT testing under the latest rel2.11 and have benchmark data to share?


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