[lustre-discuss] Lustre 2.9.0 server won't start anymore

Riccardo Veraldi Riccardo.Veraldi at cnaf.infn.it
Tue Jul 31 00:41:52 PDT 2018

my lustre server 2.9.0 suddently won't mount anymore lustre partitions 
after a power outage.
ZFS pool is active (Resilvering one disk). Anyway systemctl start lustre 
is not working.
I do not see any error message it just does not mount my Lustre OSSes 

ana02-ost21        17.7T  2.25T   205K  none
ana02-ost21/ost21  17.7T  2.25T  17.7T  none
ana02-ost22        17.9T  2.09T   205K  none
ana02-ost22/ost22  17.9T  2.09T  17.9T  none
ana02-ost23        18.4T  1.57T   205K  none
ana02-ost23/ost23  18.4T  1.57T  18.4T  none
ana02-ost24        18.4T  1.54T   205K  none
ana02-ost24/ost24  18.4T  1.54T  18.4T  none
ana02-ost25        17.9T  2.07T   205K  none
ana02-ost25/ost25  17.9T  2.07T  17.9T  none
ana02-ost26        18.5T  1.49T   205K  none
ana02-ost26/ost26  18.5T  1.49T  18.5T  none
ana02-ost27        18.3T  1.67T   205K  none
ana02-ost27/ost27  18.3T  1.67T  18.3T  none
ana02-ost28        18.3T  1.71T   205K  none
ana02-ost28/ost28  18.3T  1.71T  18.3T  none
ana02-ost29        17.6T  2.38T   205K  none
ana02-ost29/ost29  17.6T  2.38T  17.6T  none
ana02-ost30        17.9T  2.06T   205K  none
ana02-ost30/ost30  17.9T  2.06T  17.9T  none
ana02-ost31        18.0T  1.98T   205K  none
ana02-ost31/ost31  18.0T  1.98T  18.0T  none
ana02-ost32        18.4T  1.59T   205K  none
ana02-ost32/ost32  18.4T  1.59T  18.4T  none
ana02-ost33        18.3T  1.69T   205K  none
ana02-ost33/ost33  18.3T  1.69T  18.3T  none
ana02-ost34        18.4T  1.61T   205K  none
ana02-ost34/ost34  18.4T  1.61T  18.4T  none
ana02-ost35        18.3T  1.70T   205K  none
ana02-ost35/ost35  18.3T  1.70T  18.3T  none
ana02-ost36        18.5T  1.52T   205K  none
ana02-ost36/ost36  18.5T  1.52T  18.5T  none
ana02-ost37        18.1T  1.89T   205K  none
ana02-ost37/ost37  18.1T  1.89T  18.1T  none
ana02-ost38        17.8T  2.14T   205K  none
ana02-ost38/ost38  17.8T  2.14T  17.8T  none
ana02-ost39        17.7T  2.27T   205K  none
ana02-ost39/ost39  17.7T  2.27T  17.7T  none
ana02-ost40        17.8T  2.21T   205K  none
ana02-ost40/ost40  17.8T  2.21T  17.8T  none

I do not know how to recover from this situation and I have important 
data on the OSTs.
Any idea on how can I mount Lustre on the underlying ZFS filesystem

this is my ldev.conf. OST from 21 to 40 won't be mounted anymore locally.

psanamds121.pcdsn - mgs zfs:ana02-mgs/mgs
psanamds121.pcdsn - mdt0 zfs:ana02-mdt0/mdt0
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST01 zfs:ana02-ost01/ost01
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST02 zfs:ana02-ost02/ost02
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST03 zfs:ana02-ost03/ost03
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST04 zfs:ana02-ost04/ost04
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST05 zfs:ana02-ost05/ost05
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST06 zfs:ana02-ost06/ost06
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST07 zfs:ana02-ost07/ost07
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST08 zfs:ana02-ost08/ost08
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST09 zfs:ana02-ost09/ost09
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST10 zfs:ana02-ost10/ost10
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST11 zfs:ana02-ost11/ost11
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST12 zfs:ana02-ost12/ost12
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST13 zfs:ana02-ost13/ost13
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST14 zfs:ana02-ost14/ost14
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST15 zfs:ana02-ost15/ost15
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST16 zfs:ana02-ost16/ost16
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST17 zfs:ana02-ost17/ost17
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST18 zfs:ana02-ost18/ost18
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST19 zfs:ana02-ost19/ost19
psanaoss121.pcdsn - ANA02-OST20 zfs:ana02-ost20/ost20
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST21 zfs:ana02-ost21/ost21
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST22 zfs:ana02-ost22/ost22
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST23 zfs:ana02-ost23/ost23
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST24 zfs:ana02-ost24/ost24
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST25 zfs:ana02-ost25/ost25
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST26 zfs:ana02-ost26/ost26
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST27 zfs:ana02-ost27/ost27
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST28 zfs:ana02-ost28/ost28
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST29 zfs:ana02-ost29/ost29
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST30 zfs:ana02-ost30/ost30
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST31 zfs:ana02-ost31/ost31
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST32 zfs:ana02-ost32/ost32
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST33 zfs:ana02-ost33/ost33
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST34 zfs:ana02-ost34/ost34
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST35 zfs:ana02-ost35/ost35
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST36 zfs:ana02-ost36/ost36
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST37 zfs:ana02-ost37/ost37
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST38 zfs:ana02-ost38/ost38
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST39 zfs:ana02-ost39/ost39
psanaoss122.pcdsn - ANA02-OST40 zfs:ana02-ost40/ost40

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