[lustre-discuss] checking and turning on quota enforcement.

Dilger, Andreas andreas.dilger at intel.com
Wed Jun 6 02:37:28 PDT 2018

On May 30, 2018, at 08:18, Phill Harvey-Smith <p.harvey-smith at warwick.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi all,
> About a year ago I migrated the departmental lustre servers to new hardware, which involved setting up new hardware, installing lustre and copying the files over. All of which went OK and we have been using the volumes without problems for the last year or so.
> However it has just become apparent that the new servers are not enforcing quotas, though they are set for all users on two of our volumes. This has lead to the situation where one of our volumes is almost full, and is negatively affecting performance.
> Looking at the documentation for lfs suotaon / quotaoff it suggests that they are depreciated since lustre version 2.4.x. We are currently running 2.9.0 on Centos 7.
> How can I check to see if quota enforcement is turned on, and if not turn it on once we have people back under quota again (or adjusted their quota).

You didn't mention if you are using ldiskfs or ZFS for the backing filesystem.  I'm assuming since you upgraded from 2.4 that it is likely you are using ldiskfs.

In that case, you need to enable quota on the MDT/OST filesystems using "tune2fs -O quota" and run a full e2fsck to update the quota usage on each filesystem.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Lustre Principal Architect
Intel Corporation

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