[lustre-discuss] lctl ping node28 at o2ib report Input/output error

yu sun sunyu1949 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 01:05:14 PDT 2018

hi all:
     I want to build a lustre storage system, and I found not all of the
machine in the same sub-network, and they cant lctl ping with each other.
the details list as below:

root at ml-storage-ser30.nmg01:~$ lctl list_nids at o2ib
root at ml-storage-ser30.nmg01:~$ lctl ping node28 at o2ib
failed to ping at o2ib: Input/output error
root at ml-storage-ser30.nmg01:~$

so I cant build at o2ib and at o2ib in a system. this
has bothering me for days,
any suggesting is greatly  appreciated.

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