[lustre-discuss] ZFS based OSTs need advice

Cowe, Malcolm J malcolm.j.cowe at intel.com
Tue Jun 26 16:11:29 PDT 2018

You can create pools and format the storage on a single node, provided that the correct `--servicenode` parameters are applied to the format command (i.e. the NIDs for each OSS in the HA pair). Then export half of the ZFS pools from the first node and import them to the other node.

There is some documentation that describes the process here:


This includes sections on HA with Pacemaker:


For OSD and OSS stuff:


There are also sections that cover the MGT and MDTs.


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Our OST are based on supermicro SSG-J4000-LUSTRE-OST , it is a kind of JBOD.

all 360 Disks (90 disks x4 OST) appear in /dev/disk in both OSS1 and OSS2 .

My idea is to create zfspool of Raidz2 (9+2 spare) which means arround 36 zfspools will be created  .

Q1) Out of 36 zfs pools shall i create all of 36 Pools in OSS1 ?  in this case those pools can only be imported in OSS1 not in OSS2 how to gain HA /active/active here=
Q2)  2nd option is to create  18 zfspools in OSS1 and 18 in OSS2 ? later in mkfs.luster specify oss1 as primary and oss2 in secondary (execute it in oss1) and 2nd time execute same command on oss2 and make oss2 primary and oss1 secondary .

does it make sense ? am i missing some thing

Thanks a lot


On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 5:38 PM, Dzmitryj Jakavuk <dzmitryj at gmail.com<mailto:dzmitryj at gmail.com>> wrote:

You can share 4 osts between pair of oss making 2 osts imported into one oss and 2 osts into other oss.  At the same time hdds need to be shared between all oss. So in normal conditions  1 oss will import 2 ost and the second oss will import   Other 2 osts.in<http://osts.in> case of ha single oss can import all 4osts

Kind Regards
Dzmitryj Jakavuk

> On Jun 26, 2018, at 16:02, Zeeshan Ali Shah <javaclinic at gmail.com<mailto:javaclinic at gmail.com>> wrote:
> We have 2 OSS with 4 OST shared . Each OST has 90 Disk so total 360 Disks .
> I am in phase of installing 2OSS as active/active but as zfs pools can only be imported in single OSS host in this case how to achieve active/active HA ?
> As what i read is that for active/active both HA hosts should have access to a same sets of disks/volumes.
> any advice ?
> /Zeeshan
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