[lustre-discuss] help ldev.conf usage clarification

Riccardo Veraldi Riccardo.Veraldi at cnaf.infn.it
Wed Sep 12 15:11:19 PDT 2018


I wanted to ask some clarifiaction on ldev.conf usage and features.

I am using ldev.conf only on my ZFS lustre OSSes and MDS.

Anyway I hae a doubt on what should go in that file.

I have seen people having only the metadata configuration in it like for 

mds01 - mgs zfs:lustre01-mgs/mgs
mds01 - mdt0 zfs:lustre01-mdt0/mdt0

and people filling hte file with both mgs settings and listing also all 
the OSSes/OSTs then spreading the same ldev.conf file over all the OSSes 
like in this example with

3 OSSes where each one has one OST:

mds01 - mgs zfs:lustre01-mgs/mgs
mds01 - mdt0 zfs:lustre01-mdt0/mdt0
drp-tst-ffb01 - OST01 zfs:lustre01-ost01/ost01
drp-tst-ffb02 - OST02 zfs:lustre01-ost02/ost02
drp-tst-ffb03 - OST03 zfs:lustre01-ost03/ost03

is this correct or only the metadata information should stay in ldev.conf ?

Also can ldev.conf be used with ldiskfs based cluster ? On ldiskfs based 
clsuters I usually mount the metadata partition and OSS partitions in 
fstab and my ldev.conf is empty.



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