[lustre-discuss] Robinhood 3.1.4 is available

LEIBOVICI Thomas thomas.leibovici at cea.fr
Fri Sep 21 06:58:37 PDT 2018

Hi all,

A new version of robinhood is available: robinhood 3.1.4.

It can be downloaded from here: 

This version mainly brings changelog performance improvements (measured 
up to 200k records/sec per MDT) and new web interface features.

You can find more details and a recall of improvements since v3.1 in the 
release notes below.


Release notes
* Web gui:
     - new access control criteria: IP address, hostname
     - tasks: scheduled requests, and possiblity to keep result history
     - custom graphs
* Performance improvements:
     - Improved rules-to-SQL conversion engine. Enable faster policy runs.
     - Auto-tune hash table sizes (changelog reader and entry processor).
     - Pipeline tuning to reduce CPU usage and improve ingestion rate.
     - Default linking to jemalloc memory allocator for better performance.
       Note: it is advised to start MariaDB with this allocator too
       to achieve maximal performance.
     - Fix major performance bug in changelog reader (appeared in v3.1.3).
* Configuration files: support %include directives in sub-blocks.
* New parameter to 'common.copy': "mkdir=yes" creates target directories
   prior to the copy operation.
* New action 'common.move' (move an entry from one path/name to another).
* Command copytool 'lhsmtool_cmd': add man page.

* Policies: add matching modes "auto_update_attrs" and "auto_update_all"
* Faster changelog reader shutdown when the process is terminated by a 
* Changelog optimization: drop CREATE/UNLINK and MKDIR/RMDIR changelog pairs
* rbh-find:
     - add "-links" criterion
     - "-ost" accepts OST sets
     - add "-iname" option for case-insensitive name matching
     - support "-not" for links, size and dates
* FS scan optimization (use openat() to walk through the filesystem instead
   of full paths).
* Fix rules-to-SQL conversion

* Implement command rbh-rebind command to assign an archived entry to a 
   created fid (e.g. used for undelete operation).
* Make lhsm undelete more resilient to error cases
* lhsm: add tunable to allow custom/smaller UUID
     - add nagios plugin
     - add graph preview in console plugin
     - add new filters

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