[lustre-discuss] Assistance deploying Slurm HPC cluster with Lustre file system based on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Maxime Hugues mhugues at google.com
Mon Aug 5 07:35:15 PDT 2019


Did you deploy Lustre and Slurm on GCP in the same zone ?

What does `df` return on the master node where the client is mounted ?

What does `sudo modprobe lustre` return on the master node ?
Usually the Lustre client is installed by installing `kmod-lustre-client`
and `lustre-client`, cf

Regarding how to add the Lustre client install on the compute, login and
mater node in slurm-gcp, a function can be added into the
`startup-script.sh` and called in the nfs mount section starting at line
1039 of the `startup-script.sh`

On Sun, Aug 4, 2019 at 8:18 AM Eyal Estrin <eyale at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> 1. I am trying to deploy Slurm HPC cluster based on Google Cloud Platform,
> with Lustre file system, as instructed below:
>    https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/hpc-slurm-on-gcp/#0
> https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/storage-data-transfer/introducing-lustre-file-system-cloud-deployment-manager-scripts
> https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/deploymentmanager-samples/tree/master/community/lustre
> 2. I have created VPC Peering between the Slurm network and the Lustre
> cluster network
> 3. I have created Firewall rules for allowing all ports and protocols
> between the Slurm network and the Lustre cluster network
> 4. I have added DNS records for all the Lustre cluster machines inside the
> Slurm master node /etc/hosts
> 5. I have installed the following Lustre client pre-requirements on the
> Slurm master node:
>    sudo yum install kernel kernel-devel kernel-headers
> kernel-abi-whitelists kernel-tools kernel-tools-libs kernel-tools-libs-devel
> 6. I have created the /etc/yum.repos.d/lustre.repo with the following
> content:
> [lustre-server]
> name=CentOS-$releasever - Lustre
> baseurl=
> https://downloads.hpdd.intel.com/public/lustre/latest-feature-release/el7/server/
> gpgcheck=0
> [e2fsprogs]
> name=CentOS-$releasever - Ldiskfs
> baseurl=https://downloads.hpdd.intel.com/public/e2fsprogs/latest/el7/
> gpgcheck=0
> [lustre-client]
> name=CentOS-$releasever - Lustre
> baseurl=
> https://downloads.hpdd.intel.com/public/lustre/latest-feature-release/el7/client/
> gpgcheck=0
> 7. I have installed the Lustre client packages on the Slurm master node,
> using the following command:
>    sudo yum install e2fsprogs lustre-client
> 8. I used the following commands to create a mount point for the Lustre
> file system from within the Slurm master node:
>    sudo mkdir -p /lustre
>    sudo chmod 777 -R /lustre
> 9. Due to the fact that on the Slurm master node on Google Cloud Platform,
> my logged-in account is not Root account, but a Google G Suite account, the
> only way to perform mount and create a test file inside the mount point
> /lustre, is to use the following Sudo commands:
>     sudo mount -t lustre lustre-mds1:/lustre /lustre
>     sudo touch /lustre/1.txt
> I have couple of problems with the above process:
> A. Even though the mount point (/lustre) has chmod of 777, the folder is
> still owned by Root user and group, and I am still unable to write files
> into the /Lustre mount point - How do I allow Google G Suite accounts the
> privilege to read/write/delete files from the /Lustre mount point?
> B. How do I add the following packages as part of the Slurm deployment
> package on both the Slurm master node and on all Slurm compute nodes (
> https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm-gcp)?
>    sudo yum install kernel kernel-devel kernel-headers
> kernel-abi-whitelists kernel-tools kernel-tools-libs kernel-tools-libs-devel
>    sudo yum install e2fsprogs lustre-client
>    Note: For the Lustre client installation, I need to add the
> /etc/yum.repos.d/lustre.repo with specific content (as instructed here:
> http://wiki.lustre.org/Installing_the_Lustre_Software)
> Thanks,
> Eyal Estrin
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