[lustre-discuss] multiple filesystem creation problem

Jae-Hyuck Kwak jhkwak at kisti.re.kr
Wed Jan 2 18:57:02 PST 2019

Hi, all,
I would like to create multiple lustre filesystem. in this case, should 
mgs be on its own dedicated block device?
I used to create a combined mgs/mdt filesystem on the block device. is 
it possible to multiple combined mgs/mdt filesystem as following?
# mkfs.lustre --fsname=test0 --mdt --mgs --index=0 --reformat /dev/sdc
# mkfs.lustre --fsname=test1 --mdt --mgs --index=1 --reformat /dev/sdd
# mkdir -p /mnt/test0/mdt0
# mkdir -p /mnt/test1/mdt1
# mount -t lustre /dev/sdc /mnt/test0/mdt0
# mount -t lustre /dev/sdd /mnt/test1/mdt1


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