[lustre-discuss] index is already in use problem

Jae-Hyuck Kwak jhkwak at kisti.re.kr
Wed Jan 16 01:18:19 PST 2019

Dear all,

When I try to mount lustre filesystem, I got the following problem.

[root at ct7-mds1 ~]# mount -t lustre /dev/loop1 /mnt/mdt_0
mount.lustre: mount /dev/loop1 at /mnt/mdt_0 failed: Address already in use
The target service's index is already in use. (/dev/loop1)

The /var/log/messages shows the following log.

Jan 16 09:11:31 ct7-mds1 kernel: LustreError: 140-5: Server 
test0-MDT0000 requested index 0, but that index is already in use. Use 
--writeconf to force

How can I force --writeconf option? It seems that mkfs.lustre doesn't 
support --writeconf option.

Your comments will be always appreciated.



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