[lustre-discuss] Frequency vs Cores for OSS/MDS processors

Simon Legrand simon.legrand at inria.fr
Thu Jul 4 10:41:13 PDT 2019

Dear all, 

We are currently configuring a Lustre filesystem and facing a dilemma. We have the choice between two types of processors for an OSS and a MDS. 
- Intel Xeon Gold 5217 3GHz, 11M Cache,10.40GT/s, 2UPI, Turbo, HT,8C/16T (115W) - DDR4-2666 
- Intel Xeon Gold 5218 2.3GHz, 22M Cache,10.40GT/s, 2UPI, Turbo, HT,16C/32T (105W) - DDR4-2666 

Basically, we have to choose between freequency and number of cores. 
Our current architecture is the following: 
- 1MDS with 11To SDD 
- 3 OSS/OST (~ 3*80To) 
Our final target is 6 OSS/OST with a single MDS. 
Do anyone of you could help us to choose and explain us the reasons? 

Best regards, 

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