[lustre-discuss] osc and llite stats files are not exported to clients

U Sawangwit u.sawangwit at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 04:13:59 PDT 2019

Dear all,

   I am having trouble with lustre monitoring using Ganglia

    Upon closer inspections, I found that the stats files in
and /proc/fs/lustre/llite are missing (among other similar files in these

     However, lctl get_param osc.*.stats and lctl get_param llite.*.stats
parameters and values as you would expect. The stats files are what the
gmond_python_modules wants hence the problem monitoring with Ganglia.

    After many searching around, could not figure out what I could have
done to
have stats export normally to clients and remounting did not help. On MDS
and OSS,
I can see the obdfiler/*/export/*/stats or mdt/*/export/*/stats

    The lustre manual also said that the exporting of these info to client
should be by

  Thank you in advance.


Utane Sawangwit, PhD.
Research Astronomer
National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT)
Sirindhon AstroPark, 260, Mue 4, Donkaew
Mae-Rim, Chiang Mai, 50180, Thailand
ดร. อุเทน แสวงวิทย์
อุทยานดาราศาสตร์สิรินธร 260 หมู่ 4 ต.ดอนแก้ว
อ.แม่ริม จ.เชียงใหม่ 50180
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