[lustre-discuss] Lustre client 2.11.0 with Lustre server lustre-2.12.0-ib

Parag Khuraswar parag_k at citilindia.com
Mon Mar 4 21:46:22 PST 2019

Ho Patrick,


Thanks for the reply..The application those are going to be used are like
Ansys, Abaqus and some of these kind, which only supports up to RHEL 7.4,
whereas Lustre 2.12 supports only 7.6.

That is the reason I am planning to use Lustre 2.12 on Lustre server &
Lustre 2.11 on Lustre clients.






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I would be interested to know more about the application compatibility
issues, but you should be OK with 2.11 clients and a 2.12 server.  In
general, newer clients are tested with older servers, much the other way
around, but especially with adjacent major releases you should be fine.

- Patrick 


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Due to some application compatibility issues I have to use
"lustre-2.12.0-ib" on Lustre server side and "Lustre client 2.11.0" on
Lustre client side.

Is there any issue if I use two different Lustre version's on Lustre server
& client side ?






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