[lustre-discuss] backup/restore of the MGT

Roger Sersted rs1 at aps.anl.gov
Sun May 19 18:34:17 PDT 2019

Lustre Server version: 2.10.2
Backing filesystem: ldiskfs
Operating System: CentOS 7.4

New Specs (along with hardware upgrade):

Lustre Server Version: 2.10.7
Backing filesystem: ldiskfs
Operating System: CentOS 7.6.1810

I'm moving my MDT and MGT (on a different block device) to new 
hardware.  The directions for the MDT backup/restore are well documented 
in the manual.  But it really doesn't say much about the MGT.  I decided 
to "wing it" and did a backup using the same tar arguments for the MDT, 
"--xattrs --xattrs-include="trusted.*" --sparse".  But, I decided to 
hold off on the restore until I get confirmation on this procedure.

I found an old message (4/1/2010) on this topic.  But, the responder 
also gave a listing of the MGT contents and it looks nothing like the 
MGT contents on my system.

Could someone give a definitive answer on this?

Thank You,

Roger S.

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