[lustre-discuss] Linux 5.x support

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Others on the list can probably comment on the likelihood of that working (it’s not a primary kernel that is having focused testing) but you don’t have to wait for the release to find out – we’re in code freeze and the master branch is very close to the finished article. You can get the source from https://git.whamcloud.com/?p=fs/lustre-release.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master (there’s no builder for that kernel on our Jenkins server so you’ll have to build yourself locally)

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I’m only interested in running a Lustre client on a Linux 5.3 kernel.  This is mainly a functional test.

Andrew Tauferner
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Lustre 2.13 is still on track to be released in the coming weeks but it rather depends upon what you are wanting to do with Linux 5.x as to whether that will meet your needs. Will just having Lustre clients running on Linux 5.x suffice or do you need your Storage Servers to be running on it too? Are you just running some benchmarks for a POC vs running a mission critical production system?


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Subject: [lustre-discuss] Linux 5.x support

It looks like Lustre updates for Linux 5.x are targeting v2.13.0.  Is this correct and when can we expect v2.13.0 to be released?  Is it still on track for release at the fall SC ’19 conference?  Thanks.

Andrew Tauferner

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