[lustre-discuss] one ost down

Einar Næss Jensen einar.nass.jensen at ntnu.no
Fri Nov 15 01:01:14 PST 2019

Hello dear lustre community.

We have a lustre file system, where one ost is having problems.

The underlying diskarray, an old sfa10k from DDN (without support), have one raidset with ca 1300 bad blocks. The bad blocks came about when one disk in the raid failed while another drive in other raidset was rebuilding.


The ost is offline, and the file system seems useable for new files, while old files on the corresponding ost is generating lots of kernel messages on the OSS.

Quotainformation is not available though.


May I assume that for new files, everything is fine, since they are not using the inactive device anyway?

I tried to run e2fschk on the ost unmounted, while jobs were still running on the filesystem, and for a few minutes it seemd like this was working, as the filesystem seemed to come back complete afterwards. After a few minutes the ost failed again, though.

Any pointers on how to rebuild/fix the ost and get it back is very much appreciated.

Also how to regenerate the quotainformation, which is currently unavailable would help. With or without the troublesome OST.

Best Regards

Einar Næss Jensen (on flight to Denver)

Einar Næss Jensen
NTNU HPC Section
Norwegian University of Science and Technoloy
Address: Høgskoleringen 7i
         N-7491 Trondheim, NORWAY
tlf:     +47 90990249
email:   einar.nass.jensen at ntnu.no
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