[lustre-discuss] Lustre 2.12 quota

Parag Khuraswar parag_k at citilindia.com
Thu Nov 28 19:08:07 PST 2019



I am facing issues with quota on Lustre version 2.12.0. 

Is quota by default enabled in 2.12.0 version ? At client side I am using
Lustre version 2.11 (OS 7.4).

I have set quota limit for one test user and ' lfs quota -u <username> <file
system> is showing the defined values as well, but quota is not working. I
have not enabled the quota hoping that it is by default enabled. 

The file system is live.

DO I have to enable quota manually  ?


Below is the partial output of " lctl get_param osd-*.*.quota_slave.info "


[root at pfs-srv-1 ~]# lctl get_param osd-*.*.quota_slave.info


target name:    pfs-MDT0000

pool ID:        0

type:           md

quota enabled:  none

conn to master: setup

space acct:     ug

user uptodate:  glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]

group uptodate: glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]

project uptodate: glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]



Please share the command if I have to manually enable quota.






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