[lustre-discuss] Running an older Lustre server (2.5) with a newer client (2.11)

Cory Spitz spitzcor at cray.com
Tue Sep 17 19:59:02 PDT 2019

Hi, Raj.

You wrote:
> I am will be very keen to test PFL  in a mix env of 2.7 and 2.11 clients. If anybody has tested this, please let me know.

As I think you are aware, 2.7 clients are not PFL capable.

The Lustre operations manual states, “Using PFL files requires both the client and server to understand the PFL file layout, which isn't available for Lustre 2.9 and earlier. And it will not prevent older clients from accessing non-PFL files in the filesystem.” (http://doc.lustre.org/lustre_manual.xhtml#pfl)

It'd probably be clearer if it told you exactly what to expect if you attempt to access a PFL file from an old client.  I don’t know what errno you’d get exactly, but you should get something sane like ENOTSUP.



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We are running 2.11.x clients on 2.5.x servers (Neo 2.0) in TDS environment and haven’t seen any issues yet. Plan is to put it in production in a month or so.
We also have 2.11.x servers(Neo 3.1-022). I am will be very keen to test PFL  in a mix env of 2.7 and 2.11 clients. If anybody has tested this, please let me know.

On Friday, August 30, 2019, Leonardo Saavedra <lsaavedr at nrao.edu<mailto:lsaavedr at nrao.edu>> wrote:
On 8/29/19 5:00 PM, Kirill Lozinskiy wrote:

Hey Lustre fans!

Is there anyone out there running Lustre server version 2.5.x with a Lustre client version 2.11.x? I'm curious if you are running this combination and whether or not you saw and gains or losses when you went to the newer Lustre client.

We were running Lustre 2.7 client before and just recently went to 2.11. I'm trying to get a better understanding as to how common it is to have the version drift between the server and the client, as well as any positive or negative experiences.

it works, no problem at all, in your client's logs you'll see a message like:

[60010.976717] Lustre: Lustre: Build Version: 2.10.4
[60011.029258] LNet: Added LNI at tcp [8/256/0/180]
[60011.029297] LNet: Accept secure, port 988
[60011.042970] Lustre: Server MGS version ( is much older than client. Consider upgrading server (2.10.4)


Leo Saavedra

National Radio Astronomy Observatory


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