[lustre-discuss] Complete list of rules for PCC

Pinkesh Valdria pinkesh.valdria at oracle.com
Tue Aug 25 10:09:32 PDT 2020

I am looking for the various policy rules which can be applied for Lustre Persistent Client Cache.   In the docs,  I see below example using projid, fname and uid.    Where can I find a complete list of supported rules.    


Also is there a way for PCC to only cache content of few folders 




The following command adds a PCC backend on a client:

client# lctl pcc add /mnt/lustre /mnt/pcc  --param "projid={500,1000}&fname={*.h5},uid=1001 rwid=2"

The first substring of the config parameter is the auto-cache rule, where "&" represents the logical AND operator while "," represents the logical OR operator. The example rule means that new files are only auto cached if either of the following conditions are satisfied:
The project ID is either 500 or 1000 and the suffix of the file name is "h5";
The user ID is 1001;

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